Club Nights

AWANA Meets Wednesday nights from 5:30pm to 7:30pm (Cubbies-Journey)

Registration and Scholarship Forms

  •   Download form for each clubber you wish to register (Ex. If you have a child in 2nd grade, kindergarden, and pre-school, you will need to print out (2) Sparks forms and (1) Cubbies form)
  •  Fill out each form completely, sign, and bring them your first club night 
  •   Identify total registration costs. Costs are calculated on your registration forms.  (Registration Fee, Book, and Uniforms are required)
  •  Pay registration costs for all clubbers via our secure online payment portal or bring cash/check first club night. Print or save Online Receipt if paying online.
    *If you need assistance paying for club, see below for financial scholarship form. Print and fill out form and attach with your registration forms
    *Any refunds will be mailed via check 

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Location: Palms Baptist Church

5285 Adobe Road, Twentynine Palms, CA, USA

AWANA Commander: (760) 401-9932

About our AWANA Clubs


Cubbies (Pre-K)

 Cubbies is our pre-school club that establishes a practical framework for biblical literacy. Like the older clubs, Cubbies focuses on God's Word by memorizing the key points of scripture. The Cubbies coursework initiates plentiful opporotunity for parents to minister to their children in a direct manner that gets reinforced on AWANA club night. The typical night consists of game time, large group message time (generally associated with a puppet show), one-on-one leader to child interactions to discuss that week's coursework, and arts and crafts. Cubbies sets the foundation of biblical concepts that are reinforced more precisely in older clubs. Clubbers earn achievement patches throughout the year to be proudly worn on their Cubbies vest

*All clubbers must be potty trained in order to participate in club 

Sparks (Kindergarten-2nd Grade)

 Sparks is our kindergarten through 2nd grade club. This club begins emphasizing verbatim scripture memorization by systematically introducing more complexity to its structure. The coursework uses menominic techniques to assist in the clubbers retention of information. The coursework requires parent to clubber interaction to complete the coursework that also sparks (pun intended) productive dialogue and interest to the clubber of biblical truths. Like Cubbies, Sparkies earn achievement pins and patches throughout the year to display on their Sparks vest. The typical club night consists of a period of game time at the AWANA game's circle, small group/indiviual study, and large group message time. 

Truth and Training (3rd Grade-6th Grade)

 Truth and Training, or T&T, is our largest and most vibrant club. This club contains multiple coursework pathways contingent upon prior AWANA completion and the clubbers current grade level. This club reinforces theological principles introduced in earlier clubs with a greater emphasis of verbatim memorization. This club also introduces individual activity assignments that the clubbers must complete throughout the week. Furthermore, large group message time becomes more intellectually intensive that initiates much discussion during club and at home. Unlike Cubbies and Sparks, T&T recognizes the clubbers year long achievements at the AWANA years conclusive awards ceremony.

Trek (7th-8th Grade)

 Trek is small, but deep. This club offers alternative influence and fellowship to young junior high clubbers at a very volatile period of their life. This club reinforces all structural and theological concepts instilled in younger clubs, but the coursework intensifies. The expecations are higher, the messages are deeper, and the dialogue is transformational. Trek introduces new opitonal assignments for clubbers to complete such as scripture review essays and extracurricular hermeunutic assignments. Trek is a heavily intensive course that requires diligence, consistency, and focus in order to complete the coursework on time. Despite its intensive coursework, Trekers thrive in its environment as they begin applying biblical principles to practical life situations. 

*Meets at Joshua House

Journey (High school)

 Journey matures our clubbers into scholarly, critical thinking. This club transcends beyond scripture memorization and applies challenging, in-depth, inductive Bible study paired with hermeunutic reviews of the assigned scripture for the week. Clubbers meet once a week on Sunday night to engage in food, fellowship, and the intensive study of God's Word. This club is for those motivated teenagers who share the same passion for Jesus in a cohesive study program.  

*Meets Sunday  at Joshua House

Letter from the Commander

Message from Lord's Grace Foundation to our AWANA Clubs

29 AWANA will  sponsor Lord's Grace Foundation for our annual Mission's Month focus.


How can I sign up?

 There are numerous ways to sign-up for AWANA. One way is through this website under "Register for AWANA." Another way is to simply show up on club night and ask for the AWANA Secretary. She will give you all required materials to register and answer any questions you may have.  

Must I pay in full or can I split up my payments?

 Either choice is available. Most famillies pay in the Fall at the time of registration, but for some, paying monthly or weekly works better 

What if I can't afford the club costs?

AWANA is a non-profit program, our intent is to teach children the Word of God in a fun, energetic, and productive environment.Therefore, we will not deny participation due to an inability to pay. As a program, we dedicate 25% of our yearly funds to support these circumstances. All you would need to do is fill out an AWANA scholarship form and turn it into the AWANA Secretary or upload it under "Upload Receipt/Scholarship form" if registering online. However, the scholarship is only granted once the clubber completes thier preliminary packet (required for all clubbers before progressing to the book). Also, the scholarship only covers required course material and not additional AWANA items. Lastly, the scholarship covers a one time purchase of material. If the clubber loses thier book, uniform, etc. then no replacement will be offered without payment.  

Who do I make the check out to?

Palms Baptist Church

How can I find my family's balance?

 See the AWANA Secretary before club begins on Wednesday night and she can give you your remaining balance. We also send out an owed balance sheet half-way through the year to remind parents/guardians of their outstanding balance.  

Is there a family cap on club costs?

 No, but there are a couple options to help. One, see the AWANA Secretary or AWANA Commander to work-out a payment plan. Second, you can submit a scholarship application to cover the costs that you cannot afford.  

How long does the AWANA Program last?

 AWANA follows the local school district's calendar. Typically, this means AWANA begins early September and ends mid-June.  

What does the registration fee cover?

 The registration fee covers all awards (jewels, certificates, patches, trophies, plaques, etc.) as well as Grand Prix car kits, classroom supplies, AWANA games equipment, snacks, and special events 

What ages does AWANA serve?

 Three years old (as of September 1st of that year) through Highschool. Pre-K clubbers must be potty trained.  

Can I drop off my children and leave or must I stay at the church?

 You have both options. We ask the children are checked in (5:30-5:45pm) and picked up (7:30pm) on time. If you would like to stay close, Pastor David leads a Bible study that same night from 6:10pm-7:10pm in the church foyer. You can also serve as a leader! If so, talk to the AWANA Commander about potential service in the AWANA ministry.  

How do I sign-up to serve in AWANA?

 If you would like to serve in AWANA, speak to the AWANA Commander and express your desire to serve. Before you can serve, you must complete the leaders packet form which authorizes a background check (in keeping with California law) as well as includes a personal testimony and recgonizing child abuse training. Once this packet has been screened, your background check is approved, and a one-on-one interview with the Commander is complete, you are authorized to begin serving in the ministry.  

What if I do not attend Palms?

AWANA is a community ministry. Children from all churches are welcome.

Message from Cuong and Athena Luong

Former 29 AWANA Leaders who are currently serving as missionaries in South-East Asia

AWANA Worship Night 2017

"Free to Run"

"Jehovah Jireh"