Our Purpose


"Love the Lord God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, and to love our neighbors as ourselves."

 Our mission is to accomplish this purpose by balancing the five biblical functions of the church:


To pursue, reach, and love the unsaved with the Gospel of Jesus Christ


To train believers towards Christian maturity


To exalt the Lord together.


To follow God's lead to meet the needs through His resources.


To encourage and edify every member of God's family through love


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What We Believe



Palms Baptist Church has no creed other than the Bible. The Bible is our statement of faith. That means we believe:

1. The Bible is completely the Word of God.  We believe the full Scriptures are to be obeyed.  We observe Passover and other Biblical holidays.
2. There is one and only one God.
3. God is expressed in 3 persons: The Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit.
4. Man is sinful and dead toward God -- man is incapable of saving himself.
5. Jesus is the expected Messiah who became flesh in order  to free us from sin. He died and was raised back to life.
6. Faith in Jesus is the only way to salvation.
7. Because salvation is a gift of grace, it cannot be lost. The Bible teaches “once saved always saved.”
8. Believers should publicly express their faith by being Baptized by immersion. (They should go under the water and come back up, not simply be sprinkled.)
9. The church was created by Jesus for 5 reasons: To worship God, to reach out with love to the lost and share the good News, to disciple believers in a growing relationship with God, to equip the family of God to do the work of God, and to encourage members to deeply connect with one another in true brotherly love. (Worship, evangelism, discipleship, ministry, fellowship)
10. Jesus will return to earth to gather his people to him, punish evil and usher in a new creation.

Our Beginning


Started in the home of the Founding Pastor in 1957, this Church has been blessed with many years of success under the leadership of some wonderful pastors. Although there is a tendency for major change in membership numbers due to the transit nature of the Marine Base, this Church is consistent in it's ministries. By reaching and teaching members to be ministers this Church exports missionaries world wide. 

Deacons Corner

Kurt Compton


Widow and Orphan Oversight

Gary McCormick


Hospitality Deacon

Jim Wasson


John Burke


Ryan Brown

Benevolence Deacon

Chairman of Deacons

Matt Green


Pastor Oversight

Michael Wilson


Church Administrator 

Paul Bribesca


Benevolence Deacon