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What is Baptism?

 Every baptism is a changed life!  Baptism is the picture of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus.  When someone is Baptized, they are saying, "Jesus did this for me personally.  I personally identify with the death of Jesus.  I personally know he was buried for me, and that he rose again that I might be raised inot a new life."

Baptism does not save us.  It shows the world what Jesus did for us.  Like a wedding ring, it is the symbol of a covenant with God.

When should I get Baptized?

Baptism acts as a symbol of  our salvation. Therefore, if you accept Jesus as your personal Savior and have submitted your life to Him, then you should get baptized soon to proclaim that faith. 

How can I get Baptized?

If you have committed your life to Jesus and wish to get baptized, we'd love to help! First, you will need to set-up an appointment with Pastor David. From there, you will establish a baptismal date, its that easy!

If you want to get baptized or have further questions, contact the front office at 760-367-3713.