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How to get and stay Connected

Koinonia Groups


In Greek, koinonia denotes participation and translates as “fellowship” within New Testament texts. Paul uses the term thirteen times in his letters to encourage fellowship and Luke uses this term in Acts  2:42. Simply, koinonia groups intend to gather members of the church into deeper relationship. Unlike Bible studies, koinonia groups focus on fellowship while study comes second.

Bible Studies

Bible studies offer a great avenue to meet people in a less formal setting. While the focus of Bible study emphasizes learning scripture, Bible studies offer a more intimate dialogue between members about practical Christian living.

Church Fellowship Events

Periodically, the church hosts an array of fellowship events that intend to meet and engage new members of the church outside normal Sunday service. Whether it is a women's or men's conference, Passover meal, Lord's  Supper on Sunday afternoon, or a church potluck, we encourage participation in these events to get connected, develop relationships, and enjoy one another.