Discipleship Ministry

Young Adults Chasing His Truth (YACHT)

Young Adults Chasing His Truth (YACHT) is a ministry for young singles and married couples to live and share in the truth of God's Word at the same stages of young adulthood. 

Meets Sunday Mornings at 9:30am in Kidz Town

Palms Women's Connection

 Palms Women's Connection (PWC) is a women's ministry of Palms Baptist Church that strives to be an oasis for women in the desert. Our mission is to provide women of all walks of life  opportunities to grow in relationship with God, each other, and the local community.  

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Men's Ministry

 Men at Palms Baptist meet weekly to grow in faith as individuals and to strengthen the body of believers through study, prayer, and encouragement. We will occasionally engage in service projects in the local community as well as weekend fellowship events. 

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Men's Bible Study

 Men at Palms Baptist meet weekly to grow in faith as individuals and to strengthen the body of believers through study, prayer, and encouragement. 

Current Series: Systematic Theology/Doctrine

Meets every Thursday at 6pm in Joshua House

Koinania Groups

Acts 2:42 states, "They were continually devoting themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer." This is the heart of our Koinonia groups. To gather in fellowship, study God's Word, pray for one another, and support one another in life. As our relationship with God increases, so too should our relationship with His church. 

If you wish to host, lead, or attend a Koinonia group, contact Michael Wilson at


Pastor's Class

 Pastor's class offers Pastor David a more intimate opportunity to teach God's Word on a deeper level. If you have children, Pastor's class begins while Youth and AWANA meet so everyone in the family can be spiritually fed!

Current Series: 2 Peter

Meets Wednesdays at 6:10pm in church foyer

Adult Study

Our Adult Bible Study is structured for mature Christians to meet in fellowship and explore God's Word.

Meets Sunday mornings at 9:30am in Kidz Town (Ironic, we know)

Thursday Women's Bible Study

Thursday Bible Study intends to explore God's Word from a female perspective. No boys allowed!

Current Study: Epistle of Romans

Meets Thursdays at 6pm in Fellowship Hall

Michael Wilson

Discipleship Director

Mike WIlson first began his service at Palms in 2012-2016. After a brief Marine Corps funded trip to Quantico, VA, his family gratefully recieved orders back to 29 Palms in July of 2017 where he humbly serves as Discipleship Director. 

From Mike:

"When we invite others into discipleship, Jesus can use what we know to accomplish things we never imagined. I so look forward to serving with you my friends."