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How can I grow at Palms?


Get Connected

God did not create us to explore life alone. In fact, the tragedy of sin is that it destroys relationships, which is why Christ's salvific act on the cross  accomplished a restoration of our vertical relationship with God and our horizontal relationships with each other. As such, Twentynine Palms is a unique community. We are home to many 29 Palms natives, government workers, contractors, and transient military whom all share the same culture, lifestyle, struggles, and most importantly, love for Jesus! So, do not treat your time here as a temporary hiatus from relationship, rather get connected with your church family and community. We are one body, one spirit, and one mind always! Your legs do not disconnect themself from the rest of your body because you temporarily sit down on the couch; similarly, even if its only for a short period stay connected with the body of Christ!

Be Discipled

For many, small town living can be overwhelming (or underwhelming), boring, and even discouraging. Twentynine Palms may be a radical change for many. However, small town living also offers a break from "big city" distractions. How can this benefit your spiritual growth? Simple, less time distracted means more time focused on Jesus, His Word, and prayer. After all, how many times does scripture reveal God interacting with prophets and kings in the surreal quiet of the desert! If you allow Him, God will grow you immeasurably during your time here!

Serve Jesus!

Christians often approach serving Jesus as a "benefit for others." However, God does not cease in your spiritual formation, He grows you too! While serving in ministry, God will mold, challenge, and sanctify you deeper then Bible study ever could. Secondly, Christianity is not an idea, but a movement of action. John 12:26 states,  "If any man serve me, let him follow me; and where I am, there shall also my servant be: if any man serve me, him will my Father honour."  To follow but not serve Jesus is a logical contradiction. Christ demands service to God and our community, but in that service, He also teaches and grows us closer to Himself!